4 Style Tips for Your Summer Vacation

School’s out, days are long, temps are up: summer is officially upon us. With many of us heading out for a vacation in the coming months I thought I’d put together a few of my top style tips for your summer vacation: 

4 Style Tips for Your Summer Vacation from Style For Today

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Stick with one color palette

It’s much easier to mix and match items when you stick to clothing that has just a few colors rather than a huge range. My go-to for summer vacation is usually pink, navy, teal, gold and white. By sticking to these basic colors it makes it a breeze to come up with outfit ideas because I know these colors will all go nicely together.

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Less is better than more

I always like to say style is like cooking – you give me a potato, cheese, and a few spices and I could probably come up with a ton of different recipes. But give me a pantry full of ingredients from around the world and I’ll get overwhelmed and resort to cereal. Style is the same way. When we have too many options it actually works against us – we get overwhelmed and can’t see the possibilities. By packing less clothing for vacation we are forced to get more creative with what we have, and we may even find some new outfits that we love!

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Stick with your tried & true clothing

We all love going shopping for new vacation outfits but if you’re planning on packing new clothing I recommend wearing that new dress, shorts or bathing suit around the house for a few hours at the minimum. And if it’s a new pair of shoes, you definitely need to break them in. The last thing you want is to not be able to enjoy your vacation because you can’t walk or some weird seam is rubbing against your arm.

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Forget the fashion and enjoy your vacation

I’m not saying you have to wear a potato sack for your trip, but let’s not forget the reason we go on vacation: to spend fun time away from everyday life with friends, family and loved ones. I can honestly say some of my most treasured memories from vacations were not from the nights I was wearing the ‘perfect’ outfit but rather the days we sat around wearing shorts and t-shirts just enjoying each other’s company.

 Are you going anywhere fun this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Caitlin

4 Style Tips for Your Summer Vacation from Style For Today
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