How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body

One way I help my clients feel more confident in their style is by teaching them how to wear the right clothing for their body, and swimsuits are one area where we can easily incorporate some simple tips to find the perfect look.  

I’ve compiled ideas for five of the most common requests I hear when it comes to swimsuits: minimizing the hips, adding curves, minimizing the bust, concealing the tummy, and getting all over coverage. Read on below!

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If you want to minimize your hips…

If you want to minimize your hips, your first step is to pick a top that has some excitement in the form of a fun print, drapey fabric, or other eye catching detail. This helps draw the eye upward and create ‘balance’ with your hip area. For bottoms, pick something with a slightly wider band on the side. You don’t want anything too wide (like a boyshort bottom) or too thin (like string ties) as both of those will draw attention and may cut into your hips uncomfortably. Shopping suggestions:

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If you want to add curves…

If you have more of a straight, athletic build and want to emphasize curves, your best bets are going to be accents like ruffles and bold prints. You may also want to stick with tops that have some added padding. Monokinis are also a great option as they naturally create a curved look. Stay away from very small strapless tops as that can just emphasize straight lines. Shopping suggestions:

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If you want to minimize your bust…

If you have a large bust and want to minimize it, the number one key is to make sure you are adequately supported up top. Stay away from thin, flimsy fabrics and instead look for tops that have underwire support. And for the most part, you’ll want to stick with tops that have straps. You can also choose bottoms that have a fun print to help draw the eye away from the bust area. Shopping suggestions:

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If you want to conceal  your tummy…

Designers have finally realized that concealing the tummy is a priority for many women, so luckily there are some great options out there when it comes to swimsuits. The first thing to look for is shirring, which creates a gathered look around the tummy. This not only helps to conceal the area, but the extra fabric can also add support. Tankinis can also be a good option but make sure they are long enough to slightly cover your bottoms. If they come up too high and cut across your tummy area it can actually have an opposite effect and draw the eye to that area. Shopping suggestions:

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If you want all over coverage…

If the thought of wearing any bathing suit makes you uncomfortable, fear not. There are many great options that provide all over coverage and still look super chic. You’ll want to look for swimsuits that have more of a “dress” look. Also, adding a cute coverup is a great option to enjoy your summer outing while still being covered. Shopping suggestions:

If you want more personalized help finding the perfect swimsuit & other clothing for you, click here to view my services and learn how we can work together.

xo, Caitlin

How To Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body from Style For Today
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